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Cast & Orchestration

Cast in order of appearance



Jonathan* – Baritone (young English soldier)   Piano Vocal Score  
Constance* – Soprano (Jonathan’s fiancé)   Full Orchestra Score  
Inge* – Soprano or Mezzo Soprano (Lt. Gottlieb's Wife)   1 Piccolo/Flute
Lieutenant Gottlieb* – Bass (German Lieutenant)   1 Flute (opt. onstage Flute)  
Kristian(young son of Inge and Lt. Gottlieb - non singing)
  2 Oboes  
Pvt. Timothy** – Tenor (young fresh English recruit)   2 B♭ Clarinets (Clar. II opt.)
Sergeant Angus MacGrath* – Baritone/Bass Baritone (Scottish Sgt.)   1 Bassoon
Pvt. Andrew** – Baritone (English recruit)   2 Horns in F  
Pvt. Kenny** – Baritone (English recruit)   2 B♭ Trumpets (Trumpet II opt.)  
Lieutenant  Worthing* – Tenor (young English Lieutenant)   1 Trombone  
Corporal Günther* – Tenor (German medic and minister)   Timpani (2)  
Sergeant Markus* – Baritone (German sniper)   Percussion - Snare, Tom-tom,  
Pvt. Kraus** – Tenor (young German recruit)
  Castanets, Crash Cymbals  
Pvt. Berthold** – Baritone (German recruit)   Harp  
Assorted male chorus (English, Scottish & German recruits)   Piano  
    Strings - Vln I & II, Vla, Vc, Db  
* indicates Principal, ** indicates Secondary Principal   (Opt. onstage String quartet)  


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